Our services

Land, Road and Water Engineering

Building new roads, railways, construct waterworks and provide elemental hardening and / or bonded hardening, reconstructing existing roads and maintaining hardening. Anton Rail & Infra has great knowledge in the construction of (rail) roads, berm hardening, fouling and sewerage.

In addition to asphalt works, we also provide high quality pavements. From small streets on a platform to long roads through villages or landings. Thresholds, sidewalks, soft berms, sewerage and drainage. The work is carried out by professionals who can apply the pavement in any connection and shape to manually and mechanically. At the same time, we provide the necessary road furniture, including traffic control systems, outdoor lighting, signs, as well as play equipment, benches, dishes and trays.

In charge of municipalities, water boards, companies and individuals, Anton Construction & Concrete Engineering provides the construction and renovation of hydropower works. Among other things, we take care of excavation of building shacks and waterways and apply the pre tax to increase land. But we are also engaged in land reclamation, dredging, flood protection, constructive water construction, port development and landscaping. Through the use of modern equipment such as cranes, shovels and dumpers, each project can be efficiently realized.