Safety, durability and quality


Safety, durability and quality. We admit that many companies flaunt these terms. But the Anton Group doesn’t just flaunt these terms, we live by it and we have earned the certificates over the years to proof it.

NEN-EN-ISO 14001

We comply with NEN-EN-ISO 14001, which means that we continuously reach improvement on our environmental and sustainable policy. We look at current environmental policy, the relevant environmental aspects we burden and we take measures to control or reduce them.

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The ISO 9001 certification shows that the Anton Group meets all requirements for quality management. We not only put our business processes and quality requirements on paper, it is also well known to all our employees. This is the way to meet the target of continuous improvement in the workplace and high customer satisfaction.

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NEN-EN 1090-1

We comply with all implementing rules and technical requirements to manufacture and processing bearing steel constructions according to the NEN-EN 1090-1. We know how to handle performance classes, cutting, sawing, welding, preserving and making bolt connections, assembly and tolerances.

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NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2

The NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2 certification is an internationally recognized quality assurance system for the heat-sealing of metals. This standard describes all welding work. It concerns a quality standard that relates to the entire welding organization. This certification is the evidence that the Anton Group has ensured all quality requirements in the field of technical welding.

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SCC Petrochemical 2008/5.1

Certificate SCC Petrochemical 2008/5.1 is intended for main contractors. SCC stands for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Checklist for Contractors, and means that we regularly approve our machines and take notice to the topic of safety at the workplace.

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Culture Safety Ladder level 4

The Safety Ladder is intended as a measure to encourage companies and their suppliers to consciously working safely with less incidents (omission, damage). The companies within the Anton Group are in possession of Safety Ladder level 4.

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BRL SIKB 7000 describes the method for carrying out (water) soil remediation and interventions in the sediment in accordance with the Wbb, the Wtw and the Wm. By means of this certificate we are authorized to carry out (water) soil remediation activities in accordance with the regulations.

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BRL 9334

BRL 9334 describes that Kok Infra periodically checks the quality system and the process of street work. And that the requirements laid down in the assessment guideline with regard to the process are met.

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CO2 Performance ladder

We own the C02 performance ladder level 5, the highest rating in this certification category. This means that we will make every effort to minimize the CO2 emissions.

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Our CO2 footprint is calculated every year.

2.A.2 CO2 footprint 2020
2.A.1 CO2 Footprint 2019
2.A.1 CO2 Footprint 2018
2.A.1 CO2 Footprint 2017
2.A.1 CO2 Footprint 2016

The reduction targets are stated in the Energy Management Action Plan.

2.A.3 Energy Management Action Plan

The progress of the objectives as well as the projects with an award advantage will be communicated in the newsletters. These are drawn up at least every six months.

3.C1 CO2 Newsletter 2 of 2021

3.C1 CO2 Newsletter 1 of 2021

3.C1 CO2 Newsletter 2 of 2020

3.C1 CO2 Newsletter 1 of 2020

3.C1 CO2 Newsletter 2 of 2019

The Anton Group actively participates in initiatives that contribute to CO2 reduction.

3.D.1 Green Deal Concrete 2021

Our page on the website of the Climate Friendly Procurement & Entrepreneurship Foundation can be found here