Preparation residential area of Den Helder

On behalf of the municipality of Den Helder, Kok Infra B.V. realizes the Willem Alexanderhof project in Julianadorp. The preparation of the residential area in Den Helder is part of the sub-plan 2.

Appointed after tender

Kok Infra B.V. was invited by the municipality of Den Helder, together with four other contractors, to tender for this project and was subsequently selected as a contractor after the tender. The contract form concerns a RAW specification.

Preparation residential area of Den Helder

To prepare the future residential area for construction, Kok Infra B.V. the following activities for the municipality:

Excavation, transport and processing in preload of approximately 20,000 m3 of soil;
Installation of drainage system for the purpose of installing the sewerage system;
Delivery and installation of approximately 2250m1 plastic infiltration sewer system including house connections;
Supply and installation of cables for future public lighting;
Supply and installation of road foundations and paving consisting of mixed granulate and concrete paving stones.

To enable the implementation of the project, Kok Infra B.V. also the utility parties, subcontractors and the environment.

Additional project Watergang Willem Alexanderhof

At the beginning of May, Kok infra B.V. In the same way, the project Watergang Willem Alexanderhof Sub-area 2, Julianadorp was also adopted. This project consists of excavating the waterways, installing culverts, installing sheet piling and sheeting around the residential area.